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The CEO of  Wang-Cheng Co. Ltd. Puma Yang, had the honor to get the15th term 2013 Golden Peak Award of Outstanding Enterprise Initiator of the year in R.O.C. Wang-Cheng Co., Ltd. was stood out from over 400 enterprises, and also was the only one of  FPC industry to receive this award in 2013 selection in R.O.C.



TWCE Wang-Cheng Co., Ltd.,  received the 16th term 2014 Golden Peak Award of Innovative R&D of the year in R.O.C .This award was in connection with our dedication to the research of 0.032mm thick single-sided board.

TWCE Wang-Cheng Co., Ltd.,  won the 12th Golden Torch Awards for Excellent Customer Satisfaction of the year. Wang-Cheng Co., Ltd. was recognized among all candidates by the evaluation association for our excellent service attitude, perfect merchandise quality as well as high business process efficiency.

The Evaluation Committee hereby awards the 16th 2017 Certificate of Election for the Chinese Excellent Talent Awards to TWCE WANG CHENG CO.,LTD , the president of the Puma Yang as proof of the highest honor .

The Golden Peak Award and the Golden Torch Award are held by both of Outstanding Enterprise Manager Association and  Ministry of Economic Affairs in R.O.C. .