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The Business enterprise aim of TWCE is "Honesty, Kingly way spirit and Technical services".

Honesty is TWCE operation road.

"Honesty" is the soul of business, and TWCE always adhere to this concept.Because honesty is a kind of cooperation,reliance,and it's the standard of  business execution.

*For employees
TWCE provide a development platform for our staff,and attach importance to communication,respect,and care,that makes our work place in a harmonious atmosphere.TWCE provide welfare upper reach than other company,and TWCE makes our staff developing self talent,and potential.TWCE make use of those thought "work in cooperation,professional specialty,and taking the right station'' to be our standard of business work.

*For customers
Customer's satisfaction is the origin to TWCE.For customers needs,TWCE provide meticulously services ,and always strengthen our competitive ability,study market trends,and problem-solving.TWCE makes best developing to connect with international society. TWCE insist the spirit of " customer first"  to create the win-win situation. 

*For suppliers
For our supplier,TWCE treat them like our partners,and TWCE base on the principle of honesty and responsibility,to earn the reliance and respect.With partnership of our supplier ,TWCE try our best to customer's requirement ,keep business coordination ,and steady quality of  products .TWCE makes our supplier has the most reasonable space, and expand our best services in the industry.

*For the same trade
TWCE pay attention to professional technique,non-malignant competition,observe business ethics.In order to improve the competitiveness of the global market,when we face the challenge of the same industry,TWCE select and adopt positive measures,efficacious management and good services,to be the base of our development.

*For society
Look forward to using the strength of TWCE,to build harmonious society, keep society peace, practice responsibility of community, and participate in social public service. Such as take care of the disadvantaged and the victimization of children, and lonely elderly people . We are involved in those forgotten corner, creating the happiness for public service and  warmth for the community. (Charity link)

Kingly way spirit is TWCE sustainable way.
Kingly way spirit is executed from culture, innovation, and implementation. TWCE take effect on the three major concepts: "Sustainable management, value creation and benefit sharing".

*Sustainable management
TWCE treat everyone as a big family,we base on "sustainability, innovation, service" to be our faith. TWCE devoted to product development and technological service, and set up the system of resource-sharing. From our staff's welfare,to customer's sincerity and the supplier's responsibility, TWCE steady growth .We also hold a faith "taking from the community, and giving back to the community" to strive for social responsibility, and keep looking for the method of succeed to achieve sustainable management.

*Create value
People-oriented is the idea of the innovative value. To meet customer's demand, we provide better service; make the happiness for the customer, because customer's success is our success. 

In the market,the more understand customer’s information, the more strengthen the uniqueness of the products, the competitiveness can be stronger too, and that will create the most benefit for both sides. TWCE emphasize the design,technical and stability of quality.For customer's products in the leading position, TWCE develop lighter and thinner products. In the procreation side,TWCE do the technical and process guidance for the suppliers, to raising the good rate, and steady lucrative grow. TWCE also applied the patent licence of products,to confirm our self-value.

TWCE expect we can procure the concept of benefits-sharing to our partners, and set up a strong team, maintain the cooperative partner of the industry chain,balance the good achievements and high morality, to create steady profit with our partners.Our goal is to promote the mutual development and benefit , to achieve coexistence situation with our cooperatives.

Technological service is the innovative idea of TWCE.
TWCE satisfy our  customer's demand by good technique and quality TWCE transform from after-sale service to one-stop service, and make our customers have more trust to TWCE.

*Risk assessment
TWCE has excellent technical team to doing effective risk assessment before product development, and also do the right countermeasures to customer's demands. And also, we reduce customer's cost during the development phase.

*Product Development
To solve a  case of new development, cost calculation and project problem for the customer, TWCE provide technical services to reach customer's demands and  optimization of product.
*Product quality
TWCE insist on the good quality and a principle of customer first. The control of quality is extremely strict, to make our customers have  good quality and service of products.

*Failure Analysis
A product in the production process or the client side maybe cause unusual problem ,and we will  to do the failure analysis,
confirm the cause and help improve the quality by high-precision instruments.

*Product Reliability
Our products from raw materials, manufacturing process, samples, and mass production,TWCE do the physical, chemical and electrical testing, to ensure the quality well of products.

The Restriction of Hazardus Substances Directive  2002/95/EC, short for directive on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electrical equipment, was adopted in February 2003 by the European Union.TWCE follow the test standard to check the products quality. 

*Analysis of hazardous substances
TWCE do the qualitative and quantitative analysis for liquid and hazardous substances used in the production process, to ensure stable production and conform the standard of green products.

Commitment of TWCE 
 Customer-oriented, improve customer's satisfaction. 
♦ Reduce costs, increase productivity and improve product quality.
♦ Optimization of quality management and products.
♦ Strengthen the competitiveness of the supply chain.